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Habitat Project: Wildlife Log Pile
This pile of debris serves to provide food and shelter for insects and wildlife.

Native Plant Spotlight - Globe Gillia
Globe gilia (Gilia capitata) is an annual wildflower native to the West Coast. These wildflowers are identified by its light blue sphere shaped glowers grow dense at the tips of stems.

Recycling Plastic Pots
What do I do with plastic nursery pots?

Native Plant Spotlight - Douglas Aster (Aster subspicatus)
Douglas Aster (Aster subspicatus) is a perennial wildflower native to the Pacific Northwest coastal regions. This showy wildflower is a great resource wildlife.

Harvesting and Storing Seeds - Fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium)
In the Pacific Northwest you can start collecting fireweed seeds around July into September.

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