Native Plant Spotlight - Globe Gillia

What is Globe Gillia?

Globe gilia (Gilia capitata) is an annual wildflower native to the West Coast. These wildflowers are identified by its light blue sphere shaped glowers grow dense at the tips of stems. The plant flowers in Summer typically May to June depending on the microclimate they are planted within. The leaves of the plant are alternate with fine narrow leaf segmentation. This bright blue wildflower is a great resource wildlife.

Globe gilia with Bumble bee
Bumble Bee Visits

Globe Gillia as a Wildlife Plant

Globe Gillia makes a great habitat wildflower in the landscape. The purple flowers of the plant attract many different pollinators. The purple flowers provide a great source of both pollen and nector. The Oregon State Garden Ecology Lab research has found that Globe Gilia is tremendously important in supporting Diverse native bee groups. To learn more about globe gilia and the fascinating work the OSU Garden Ecology Lab is doing check out their website.

Plant Growth Habits

The mature plant can reach 1 to 3 ft tall. Globe Gilia is a easy plant to grow due to its tolerant nature. Spread seeds over bare soil in the fall and in spring you will have many flowers. The plant is an annual so if you want it to come back year after year allow the plant to go to seed. It makes a great addition to meadows, rock gardens, clearings and heavy disturbed sites. It grows in full sun. It is drought tolerant and can grow in areas of poor soil.

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